The Dynamics of the Organisation of Industry

The report offers and formalises a technique for the evolution of the organisation of industry that begins from multi-activity firms, and that concerns economists like Young, Stigler, and Richardson. To capture the open-ended procedure for disintegration of industry, the document operates with decomposable tasks and provides an account of the vertical and horizontal structure of production by way of weighted trees in the graphtheoretical sense. Depending on this addition to the analytical toolbox, the report gives an account of the decomposition of industry as driven by the structural innovations and process innovations of businesses which specialise and exchange in an open-ended evolutionary process…

Contents: Dynamics of the Organisation of Industry

2. Foundational Stories Of Pins, Peasants And Printing
3. Tasks, Activities And Capabilities Of Firms
4. A Vertical Scheme Of Analysis
4.1. Consumers And Firms
4.2. The Vertical Structure Of Production
4.3. Productivities And Costs.
4.4. Exchange Of Intermediate Products
4.5. R&D Activities And Their Specialisation
4.6. The Vertical Evolution Of Industry
5. A Horizontal Scheme Of Analysis
5.1. Consumer-Producer Firms
5.2. Consumption And Utility
5.3. The Horizontal Structure Of Production
5.4. Bilateral Exchange
5.5. R&D Strategies….

Source: Copenhagen Business School

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The Dynamics of the Organisation of Industry