Middle Leaders: Middle management’s role in the public sector

Problem: Leadership studies have mostly concerned top management. However, as many researchers suggest, middle management has a great impact on the success of an organization, especially in change when they need to take on the role as a leader. Successful leaders motivate employees, and within the public sector they need to use non-financial means. In addition, the publicsector’s management is perceived to be insufficient.
Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to describe the middle managers role in a public sector organization and how they motivate their employees.


1 Background
1.1 Problem discussion
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Delimitations
2 Frame of reference
2.1 Management in the public sector
2.2 Leadership
2.3 Middle management
2.3.1 Changing role for middle management
2.3.2 Middle leaders
2.4 Motivation
2.4.1 Motivation theories
2.4.2 Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
2.4.3 Empowerment
2.4.4 How to motivate in real life
2.5 Frame of reference summary
3 Research questions
4 Methodology
4.1 Hermeneutic research philosophy
4.2 Inductive and deductive research approach
4.3 Qualitative research method
4.4 Case study design
4.5 Primary and secondary data
4.6 Selection of respondents
4.7 Interview method
4.8 Data Analysis
4.9 Trustworthiness and critique of method
5 Empirical findings
5.1 Background AF
5.2 Middle Management
5.2.1 The role as a middle manager
5.2.2 Middle leaders
5.2.3 What is motivation?
5.2.4 Motivation in change
5.3 Employees
5.3.1 What is motivation?
5.3.2 How are you motivated?
6 Analysis
6.1 Why is the role of middle manager important?
6.2 To what extent can AF’s middle managers be said to be middle leaders?
6.2.1 Middle leaders?
6.3 How are the employees motivated?
6.3.1 Environment
6.3.2 Intrinsic motivation
6.3.3 Empowerment
7 Conclusions
8 Discussion and final remarks
8.1 Trustworthiness of the study
8.2 Further research

Author: Fransson, Jörgen,Berg, Anders

Source: Jönköping University

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Middle Leaders: Middle management’s role in the public sector