accounting information

Advantages of Accounting

There are many advantages of accounting and we will discuss that in this article. Accounting is viewed as the language of business, and therefore it offers several advantages to management. Accounting demands recording transactions and compiling them in reports. Correct accounting is essential for the success of a business.

Objectives of Accounting

Accounting helps the management to achieve several objectives. This article discusses about the main objectives of accounting. Some important objectives are: to keep accounting records, ascertain the profit or loss, calculate the financial position, communicate the accounting information, prove credit worthiness, aid logical decision making, efficiently wtilize the resources

Accounting Information for Stock Market Efficiency

This thesis contributes to the discussion on the importance of accounting information for stock market efficiency. As any analysis of market efficiency depends on the use of adequate risk proxies, the thesis first investigates the ability of commonly used risk factors to explain the cross-sectional variation of Swedish stock returns. ...

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