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Role of Marketing, Nature of Marketing

'Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer requirements profitably. All modern organisations engage in marketing so as to be able to please and win the loyal support of their customers. Gillette engages in marketing to find out about the needs and requirements of shavers, banks engage ...

New Role of Marketing, Marketing Role in 21st Century

Marketing might think of its task as resolving the conflicting needs and interests of stakeholders. I suggest this because a focus on the word customer risks oversimplifying the real challenge... And as Jennifer's comments suggest, if marketing is limited to pleasing customers, without having either the power or responsibility for squaring ...

Role of Marketing in Product Development

This is a small article providing information about marketing and its role in product development. The article also discusses about analysing the market and different techniques available to analyze the market to identify the requirement of a product. Format: HTML | Size: -- Source: Blueprint Read This Article