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Types of International Capital Flows

International Capital Flows usually means the inflow and outflow of capital from one country to another country. In this article, we have discussed about the different types of International Capital Flows like Foreign direct investment (FDI), Foreign portfolio investment (FPI), trade flows, invisibles, external assistance, external commercial borrowings and private loan flows.

Key Management Functions

The entire process of management includes certain key management functions like planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Management is defined as a process which involves responsibility for economical and efficient planning & control of operations of an organization in the fulfillment of given objectives.

Competency Mapping Process

Competency mapping is a technique of evaluating the good and bad points of an employee or organization. Competency mapping is a process of finding out important competencies necessary to execute successfully a given job at a given point of time. Once the competency mapping process is completed, the map becomes an input for several other HR processes. This articles lists the steps in competency mapping process.

Behavioral Approach to Management

The Behavioral approach to management advanced due to the fact that the managers found that following the ideas of the classical approach failed to attain total efficiency and workplace harmony. The behavioral approach to management featured what the classical advocates neglected – the human factor. The behavioral approach to management featured individual behavior & group processes, and accepted the significance of behavioral processes at work. The behavioral approach has been divided into 2 branches: the Human relations approach and the behavioral science approach.

Manufacturing Performance Dimensions: Quality, Delivery, Flexibility & Cost performance

It is actually extremely tough to determine manufacturing performance. Dimensions employed to measure manufacturing performance are quality, delivery, flexibility and cost performance. Quality Performance Quality is a multifaceted term and it can be looked at from various viewpoints like characteristics, serviceability, aesthetics, reliability, conformance, performance, durability and perceived quality. However for manufacturing the conformance dimension …

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