Competency Mapping Process

Competency mapping is a technique of evaluating the good and bad points of an employee or organization. Competency mapping is a process of finding out important competencies necessary to execute successfully a given job at a given point of time. Once the competency mapping process is completed, the map becomes an input for several other HR processes. This articles lists the steps in competency mapping process.

Human Resource Accounting (HRA)

Human resource accounting (HRA) is the process of recording and identifying human cost . It contains computation and recording the cost of recruiting , selection , training and developments of staff members. Competent and specialized human resources are of vital importance for a corporation much like its physical attributes and investments. Under Human resource accounting an organization manages workers as assets and shows in balance sheet .

Human Resource Development HRD

Human Resource Development (HRD) can be described to include the activities and processes carried out to promote the intellectual, cultural, moral, psychological, social and economic development of the staff members within an organisation in an effort to enable them to attain highest human potential as a resource for the community. Daftur states HRD as a …

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Principles of Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the process of managing an organization’s employees, or human resources. Human resource management (HRM) is the acceptance that workers are not just one of the factors of production like machinery/equipment or cash but they are a key source of competitive advantage. Probably the most essential objective of HRM is the development …

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Differences between Personnel Management (PM) & Human Resource Management (HRM)

Significant differences exist between human resource management (HRM) and personnel management (PM). Personnel management is a traditional approach but human resource management a modern approach. Human Resource Management (HRM) Vs Personnel Management (PM) 1. Numerous remarks on the subject of Personnel Management seem to visualize it as a management activity, which is mainly targeted at …

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Similarities between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

There are 2 approaches in employee management. They are the Human Resource Management (HRM) and Personnel Management. Despite the fact that both these approaches seem different, they do have some similarities also. 1. Both models focus on the significance of integrating personnel/HRM techniques with organizational objectives. 2. Both models vest Personnel/ HRM strongly in line …

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Collective Bargaining: Bringing Education to the Table

Parents, teachers, and administrators share widespread dissatisfaction with public school education. Many place the blame for poor education on a lack of parental involvement, insufficient funds, poor teacher preparation, and so on. Few have focused on a major contributing factor to this failure: unionized teachers and collective bargaining. The collective bargaining process both at and …

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Collective Bargaining, Forms, Characterstics, Process, Importance, Levels

Collective bargaining is process of joint decision making and basically represents a democratic way of life in industry. It is the process of negotiation between firm’s and workers’ representatives for the purpose of establishing mutually agreeable conditions of employment. It is a technique adopted by two parties to reach an understanding acceptable to both through …

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