CSR – here to stay or a fad that will fade away?

The subject of CSR has to a large degree divided most of the Swedish business community because of the strong opinions in regards to this topic. The objective of this dissertation is to check out how the notion of CSR is perceived by Swedish corporations and what significance it yields. This is completed by comparing …

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What is the manager expected to do?

Managerial activities can change as the organizations and their environment change. The organization at Volvo Trucks has gone through several transformations the past years, and that has affected the role of the managers within the organization. The managers responsibilities have increased as more tasks have been outsourced on them, at the same time they have been stripped of some of their support functions and assistants.

BMW A Company Analysis

The automotive industry is distinguished by a highly competitive market. Thus, the actors on the market struggle with increasing cost of production, development and mature markets. With the aim to increase profit margins and reduce costs, Volkswagen, GM and Ford are some companies, which use the same components in different car models and car brands.

Knowledge transfer and learning: A case study conducted in Company X in UK

Project management has become a natural way of conducting activities in companies. The aim is continuous improvement in project performance. The way knowledge is managed in the company is crucial for gaining competitive advantage. Knowledge management and learning, has been recognized by academics and practitioners as important to achieving success and improvement in projects.

Why do the majority of merger and acquisitions fail?

In the past ten years, there’s been a good surge in the number of mergers and acquisitions worldwide. This improvement of the number of transactions is included in the the majority of the previous studies but moreover, several studies show that the majority of the mergers and acquisitions fail in the objective of creating value …

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First Impression Lasts: The First Meeting

When companies are conducting business you should meet up with the customer’s expectations. It is in the initial impression (the very first time the parties meet in a sales encounter) that the vendor fails to get this done, sometimes resulting in the potential customer dropping the entire considered a company deal with no further relationship …

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Commercial Real Estate: Different aspects of rent setting

The economy actually is in a boom and due to the fact that the commercial rental market is closely linked with the development in the Swedish economy and its own economic indicators, commercial property businesses are profitable. Commercial real estate businesses produce their top revenue from rents from their clients, and so the setting of …

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Long-term CSR incentives at fashion chains

In recent time the pressure on companies from groups like governments, regular citizens and media on taking its social responsibility has increased in rapid pace. This has led to increased interest from companies all over the world about social issues and the companies’ responsibility for these issues.In the more competitive environment were companies act today …

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Pork Risk Management Strategies For The Alberta Hog Industry

Asia is the second largest market for the Canadian agri-food exports after the United States market. The competition in Asia has become more intensive in recent years as the agri-food sector in developed nations such as Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States has increasingly relied on exports for growth because of their own slow-growing …

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A study on linking consumer satisfaction to profits

This dissertation investigates both theoretically and empirically the relationships between consumer satisfaction, productivity and profitability. In the research literature, there has been considerable disagreement regarding the possible combined effects of productivity and consumer satisfaction in achieving profitability. Some researchers believe that raising productivity and improving consumer satisfaction are compatible because improved consumer satisfaction decreases the …

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