The Unexplored Effect of Skills and Technology on Firms’ Performance

This report adds new findings to the knowledge based view of the firm, where the cross-learning capability of employee and organization performs an essential function in the determination of firms’ superior performances. Collective, non formal – informal, formal styles of learning contribute to shape the competitiveness of firms, particularly in the current knowledge-based marketplace, where the need to reply effectively to repeated external shock (demand, technology, competitive environment driven) stresses the significance of being versatile and adaptive. However, concentrating on learning capacities, specifically on human skills, usually leads to forget or ignore industry effects, like innovative intensity that boost the explanatory power of the learning drivers.

The report provides new empirical proof of the importance of some concepts introduced and argued by what Foss (2003) explains as the dominant contemporary method to the analysis of sustained competitive advantage, namely the resource based view of the firm…

Author: Silvia Rita Sedita

Source: Copenhagen Business School

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