Established Definitions of Management

Management has been called “the art of getting things done through people” – Mary Parker Follett.

Management is the act of directing and controlling a group of people for the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing the group towards accomplishing a goal beyond the scope of individual effort. …

Management is a board game from Avalon Hill. It is a tactical business simulation of a typical manufacturing business in the mid-1960’s. … (game)

The guidance and control of action required to execute a program. Also, the individuals charged with the responsibility of conducting a program.

is the organizational process that includes strategic planning, setting; objectives, managing resources, deploying the human and financial assets needed to achieve objectives, and measuring results. …

people with responsibilities for other people, or turning decisions into action

The board of directors and executive officers of a corporation, limited liability company or similar business entity.

Process by which conservation is made possible.

Using an organization’s knowledge and intellectual assets to create value in terms of better internal management, grantmaking decisions, etc. For example, creating a guide of lessons learned or best practices.

Includes executing plans, coordinating activities and resources, fostering cooperation among organizational units, and supervising day-to-day operations. See also Leadership.

is the practice of consciously and continually shaping organisations. 58 It is the systematic organisation of economic resources. Essentially, it is about organising people and resources productively, to the mutual benefit of the organisation as a whole and of the individual employees. …

The process of planning, leading, organising and controlling people within a group in order to achieve goals; also used to mean the group of people who do this.

creation of partnership by involving governmental, commercial organisations, navy and military, NGOs, local populations and general public.

The art of getting goals accomplished in organizations through others.

is the activity of getting things done with the aid of people and other resources.

A systems approach to use of information and time to control or create events.

is for people who are responsible for organising people and production. QCA definition is “Competence in a broad range of complex, technical or professional work activities performed in a wide variety of contexts and with a substantial degree of personal responsibility and autonomy. …

A variety of pest control methods that include repairs, traps, bait, poison, etc. to eliminate pests.

the process of achieving the objectives of the business organization by bringing together human, physical, and financial resources in an optimum combination and making the best decision for the organization while taking into consideration its operating environment. Page 21

Deals with complexity in an environment of competing needs; involves planning, organizing, direction, coordinating, flexibility and priority identification. Performs role in an adept (highly skilled) manner. Acknowledges the needs and motivation of others.

The spectrum of possible approaches available for dealing with a known contaminated site. “Management” includes, but is not limited to one or more of … More