Why the New Economy is a Learning Economy

In this report it’s revealed that the intense focus on the new economy reflected real change and also ‘hype’. The fundamental reason why new economy-growth couldn’t be viewed as sustainable is that launching advanced technologies can only occur successfully when it’s combined with organizational change and competence-building among employees. Any technique that provides technology an independent role as problem-solver is bound to fail. Danish data of a unique character are utilized to prove that the key to economic performance is to encourage learning at different levels of the economy. In the conclusion it’s contended that there’s a need for a brand new type of knowledge and learning oriented Keynesianism in order to get close to the kind of growth rates characterizing the high days of the new economy adventure in the US…

A fascinating distinction among different social science disciplines is their respective willingness to identify that ‘a new era has arrived’. Experts are suspicious because they can always remember that what most of us..

Source: Copenhagen Business School

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