Retain your customers

Customer relations are of great concern for companies, today than before because the business environment is more competitive due to the increasing number of actors in the market. Regarding service firms, the relations are of even greater importance due to that services are more complex than products and also more correlated to the actual firm than a physical product…


1 Introduction
1.1 Satisfy customers
1.2 Why satisfy
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Disposition of the study
2 Frame of reference
2.1 Terminology
2.1.1 Quality
2.1.2 Services
2.2 The customer
2.2.1 Customer needs
2.2.2 Customer satisfaction
2.2.3 Loyal customers
2.3 Customer relationship management
2.3.1 The function of CRM
2.4 Business relations
2.5 Strategies for customer relations
2.5.1 Building lifetime customer relations
2.5.2 Manage the client base and chase the client not the money
2.5.3 Listen to the clients and ask the right questions
2.5.4 Gain feedback and convert complaints into opportunities
Strategies for turning dissatisfied clients into loyal, lifetime clients
2.6 Summary
3 Method
3.1 Introduction
3.1.1 Qualitative research
3.1.2 Why qualitative research
3.2 Case Study
3.3 How the interviews were conducted
3.3.1 Interview guide
3.4 Selection of respondents
4 Findings at Systeam MS Solution AB
5 Findings at Systeam MS Solution AB’s customers
6 Analysis
7 Conclusions
8 Discussion and final remarks

Author: Mårtensson, Ann,Sandberg, Per,Scharmer, Carl

Source: Jönköping University