Stars’ War: Apple vs Dell

Background:A great deal of changes has occurred in the computer industry the last few years due to the development of the market, customers and technology. The competition has increased, both domestically and internationally, and in the same time the customer demands have changed and become more demanding to satisfy. The development of technology has led to the apparition of new ways to communicate, such as the Internet. As a result of these changes, the distribution chain has had to be adapted and changed repeatedly over the years.
Aim of the study: The purpose of our study is to examine how both Apple and Dell can be successful using different distribution channels in the Swedish market.
Frame of reference:Theories regarding the changes in consumer behaviour, different distribution channel strategies, the importance of the Internet, and service management are presented…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.1.1 Company Description of Apple and Dell
1.2 Problem Statement
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Delimitation
1.5 Disposition
2 Frame of Reference
2.1 Consumer Behaviour: From Mass Production to an Experience Economy
2.2 Distribution Strategy
2.2.1 Different Distribution Channels
2.2.2 The Changes in the Distribution Channels
2.2.3 Distribution Channel Strategy
2.2.4 Market Factors Influencing the Choice of Distribution Channel
2.3 Service Management
2.3.1 Definition of Key Concepts
2.3.2 Service as a Cornerstone of a Successful Customer Relationship
2.3.3 Service in Electronic Channels
2.3.4 Mass Customization
3 Method
3.1 Pre-understanding
3.2 Secondary Data
3.3 Qualitative Approach
3.3.1 Qualitative Interview
3.4 Empirical Design
3.5 Reliability and Validity
3.6 Criticism
3.7 Method of the Analysis
4 Empirical Framework
4.1 Sweden’s Distribution Channel Development within the Computer Industry – since the year 2000
4.2 Apple’s Strategy
4.2.1 Background
4.2.2 Consumer Behaviour
4.2.3 Distribution Channel Strategy
4.2.4 Service Management
4.3 Dell’s Strategy
4.3.1 Background
4.3.2 Consumer Behaviour
4.3.3 Distribution Channel Strategy
4.3.4 Service Management
5 Findings and analysis
5.1 Consumer Behaviour
5.2 Distribution Strategy
5.3 Service Management
5.3.1 Service as a Cornerstone of a Successful Customer Relationship
5.3.2 Service in Electronic Channels
5.3.3 Mass Customization
6 Conclusion
6.1 Suggestions for Further Studies
Reference List

Author: Jarne, Marion,Lilja, Sandra,Lüddeckens, Eva

Source: Jönköping University

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