Types of International Capital Flows

International Capital Flows usually means the inflow and outflow of capital from one country to another country. In this article, we have discussed about the different types of International Capital Flows like Foreign direct investment (FDI), Foreign portfolio investment (FPI), trade flows, invisibles, external assistance, external commercial borrowings and private loan flows.

The Real Option Approach applied on Foreign Direct Investment Scenarios

The Real Option Approach (ROA) has been put forth as the answer to the problem of valuing manager flexibility and project risk within the framework of capital budgeting. Within this dissertation the ROA is used on one of the riskiest of corporate ventures particularly foreign direct investment. The 1st two problems presented by the author …

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FDI and Exports: the case of the High Performing East Asian Economies

The paper investigates the flows of FDI and trade in eight high performing East Asian economies with a focus on the relationship between FDI and host country exports. The development and importance of FDI and trade for the region is described. The empirical part of the paper examines the relationship between FDI and host country …

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Political risk, FDI and economic growth: A cross national studie

With this thesis the aim is to investigate the effect political risk has on economic growth and how it influences the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI). The purpose is also to investigate the relationship between inflow of FDI and economic growth. In order to em-pirically examine if there is a relevant correlation between the …

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