Manufacturing Process Types

A manufacturing process means transforming an array of inputs into those outputs which are needed by the market. Any manufacturing process consists of a number of links in a production chain. At each and every stage value is added in the course of production. The various processes available to choose from have their own attributes regarding market, production planning, costs and organisation. Different manufacturing process types are: Job shop production, batch production and flow shop production.

Manufacturing Facility Planning

Manufacturing facility planning is concerned about the location, size, layout and specialization or focus of the manufacturing unit. Manufacturing facility planning is dependent on the long-term strategic plan for an organization. For many businesses, long-term capacity and facility location plans are the most crucial strategic decisions. These types of decisions therefore require significant homework and are made at the corporation’s highest level.

Production, Planning and Prices

Organizations usually do not exist because of the cost of using the price mechanism, but since they enable actions to be completed concurrently in conformity with a particular design. This concurrent co-ordination, which production demands, is different from the evolutionary coordination, which is the unintentional consequence of market transactions. The 2 processes are alternatives only …

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