Technoligical Life Cycles Regional Clusters Facing Disruption

The trend of technological life cycles is debated to be of great value in the growth and development of regional clusters. New ‘disruptive’ technologies may trigger the growth of new regional industrial clusters and/or create unique opportunities for further development of existing ones. Nevertheless, they may also lead to stagnation and decline of the latter. The term disruptive describes such major changes in the basic technologies which may affect the industrial landscape, even in the shorter run. The report examines the major features of a regional cluster, where the economic development patterns are quite closely relevant to the emergence of new major technologies…..

Since the early 1990s, the literature on the importance of geography for economic development has been revitalized. In the economics profession has engaged in a ‘crusade’ aiming at integrating the spatial dimension into mainstream economic theory….

Source: Copenhagen Business School

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