Human Resource Development HRD

Human Resource Development (HRD) can be described to include the activities and processes carried out to promote the intellectual, cultural, moral, psychological, social and economic development of the staff members within an organisation in an effort to enable them to attain highest human potential as a resource for the community. Daftur states HRD as a system and process focused on an organized series of learning activities within specific deadlines, intended to produce behavioral changes in the learner in a way that it develops expected level of competence for present or future role. Human Resource Development HRD is not a one-time exercise but it is a continuous course of action.

Human Resource Development HRD is a framework for the continuing development of human capital inside a corporation through the growth and development of both the company and the individual to attain performance improvement. According to Adam Smith,, The capabilities of staff members relied on their access to education. Exactly the same statement is applicable to organizations themselves, however it demands a much broader field to cover both areas. HRD is regarded as a key to better relations, greater profitability and higher productivity.

Human Resource Development HRD is not a list of approaches but it is a course of action by which the staff members are assisted in a steady and organized method to:

  • Obtain or improve skills necessary to carry out different functions of their present and future roles.
  • Build their general capabilities as individuals and bring out inner potential for organizational development purposes.
  • Create an organizational culture that is favorable to motivation and satisfaction of employees.
  • Human Resource Development HRD process is assisted by elements like performance appraisals, job rotation, training and career development.

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