Do Inter-sectoral Linkages Matter for International Export Specialisation?

This paper basically adopts a ‘technology gap’ approach for explaining international export specialisation. Within this broad label there has been one tradition which has applied cumulativeness in technological change as an explanation, while another tradition has emphasised the role of inter-sectoral linkages (the so-called home market effect) in this context…

1. Introduction
2. Theories of international trade specialization
2.1. The importance of technology for specialisation
2.2. The ‘home market effect’
2.3. The Pavitt-taxonomy in a trade context
3. Empirical analysis
3.1. The data
3.2. Applying the Pavitt-taxonomy in a international trade context
4. Conclusions

Author: Keld Laursen,Ina Drejer

Source: Kirsten Foss