Sustainable Mining? Applying the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development to Mining Projects

Precious and base metal mining projects can serve as a stepping-stone in moving the mining industry towards achieving compliance with a scientific-principled definition of global socio-ecological sustainability. Using the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development to assess the current reality of mine project development has resulted in identifying gaps between current best practices and a desired vision of sustainability constrained by science based principles. These gaps provide opportunities for sustainability driven innovation. Evaluation of mining project phases and their impacts on ecological and social systems using the four Sustainability Principles highlight specific opportunities to create value for social, economic and ecologic systems. Companies choosing to develop mining projects using the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development can expect to achieve many business benefits, including improved reputation, increased transparency and stakeholder trust. Strengthening these aspects will provide robust support to companies as they manoeuvre to define their role in a sustainable society. This thesis examines how current processes for mining projects can be developed to support a successful transition into a sustainable society.

Author: Tracy Lydiatt, Patricia Mequita, Anne Nolan

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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