BMW A Company Analysis

The auto industry is known as a extremely competitive market. Hence, the actors in the marketplace have a problem with rising cost of production, development and mature markets. With the hope to boost income and lower expenses, Volkswagen, GM and Ford are a few corporations, that use the identical parts in several car versions and car models. These businesses have been successful in synergising research and development effects within the corporation regardless of car model and business area. On the contrary, BMW, an individual actor, has annually demonstrated robust financial results and it has maintained its market share. This becomes appealing to analyze more profoundly, and discover the reasons guiding a successful organization and a solid brand. Purpose: The goal of this dissertation is to review the growth of BMW in the last 5 years. Not merely are the financial statements taken into account. Furthermore, an assessment to competitors and the market situation is also made…

Contents: BMW A Company Analysis

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Delimitation and Assumptions
1.5 Hypotheses
1.6 The General Outline of the Thesis
2. Methodology
2.1. Choice of Study
2.2. Data Collection
2.2.1. Primary Data
2.2.2. Respondents
2.2.3. Secondary Data
2.2.4. Criticism of the Sources
2.3. Practical Procedure
3. Theoretical Framework
3.1 The Square Model
3.2 The Assumptions of the Square Model
3.2.1 Type of Model
3.2.2 Simplicity
3.2.3 A Going Concern
3.2.4 The Elements
3.2.5 The Time Aspect
3.2.6 The Enumerates
3.2.7 The Information
3.3.1 The Assumptions of the Triangle Model
3.3.2 Type of Model
3.3.3 Simplicity
3.3.4 A Going Concern
3.3.5 The Elements
3.3.6 The Time Aspect
3.3.7 The Enumerates
3.3.8 The Information
3.4 SWOT-Analysis
4. Company Description
4.1 The History of BMW
4.2 BMW Today
4.3 Corporate Strategy
4.5 Collaborations
5. The Triangle Analysis – Objects
5.1 The Products
5.2 The Markets
5.3 Future
6. The Triangle Analysis – Subjects…

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