Commercial Real Estate: Different aspects of rent setting

The economy actually is in a boom and due to the fact that the commercial rental market is closely linked with the development in the Swedish economy and its own economic indicators, commercial property businesses are profitable. Commercial real estate businesses produce their top revenue from rents from their clients, and so the setting of rent and the facets influencing this process are crucial. The project cannot only analyze the commercial rental market but in addition the structure of the lease contracts, facets influencing the rent setting and risks associated with commercial leases.

Purpose: To research the commercial rental market comprising of a variety of lease contracts. The main focus is to analyze the setting of rents and the facets impacting the process.

Method: A deductive method and a qualitative research method may be used to get reliable and valid data in order to fulfill our purpose. The info is accumulated from interviews finished with three different property businesses, located in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The sample include Håkan Hellström representing Castellum, Lovisa Lindberg representing Landic Property and Roddy Carlsson representing Vasakronan…..


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem and Research Questions
1.3 Purpose
2 Method
2.1 Deductive vs. Inductive Research Approach
2.2 Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Methods
2.3 Approach and Method Chosen
2.3.1 Sample Selection – the Interviewees
2.4 Validity and Reliability
3 Frame of Reference
3.1 The Real Estate System
3.1.1 The Space Market
3.1.2 The Asset Market
3.1.3 The Development Industry
3.2 Return and Risk Management
3.3 Cash Flow Projections
3.3.1 Revenue
3.3.2 Expenses
3.4 Economic Indicators
3.4.1 Inflation
3.4.2 Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
3.4.3 Employment
3.5 Vacancy Rate
3.6 Market Rents
3.7 Summary
4 Empirical Findings
4.1 The Economic Indicators in Sweden
4.2 The Commercial Rental Market in Gothenburg
4.3 The Commercial Rental Market in Stockholm
4.4 The Property Clock
4.5 Risks
4.5.1 Market Analysis
4.5.2 Tenant Structure and Rental Income
4.5.3 Satisfied Customers
4.5.4 Vacancy Rate
4.5.5 Political Risks and Other Risks
4.6 Factors Affecting the Setting of Rents
4.6.1 Location of the Premises
4.6.2 Lease Contract Composition
4.6.3 Attributes Included in the Setting of Rents
5 Analysis
5.1 Analysis Structure
5.2 Factors Affecting the Setting of Rents
5.2.1 Economic Indicators
5.2.2 Additional Rent Setting Factors
5.2.3 Location
5.2.4 Client Care
5.3 The Commercial Rental Market in Stockholm and Gothenburg…

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