Critical Success Factors in ERP Implementation

ERP software link up an organization’s strategy, structure, and business processes to the IT system. Unique way of handling the process of ERP application may result in a lot of success and failure tales. By doing study on 1) what are the important success elements in the application of ERP 2) the reason why are these aspects are important 3) what’s the criticality degree of each factor 4) how significant are these individuals factors for potential consumers, consultants, and vendors, the document is supposed to find the critical success factors in ERP implementation and realize the criticality level of every factor from the perspectives of 3 parties (companies, consultants & vendors).The analysis is followed with combined techniques of qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative approach for the interviews was selected to get the info in depth. A semi-structured interview facilitate to provide some elementary points as guideline.Furthermore, the quantitative approach adds to manipulating the data for a bit more intensive analysis of empirical findings. This document states eleven CSFs (Critical Success Factors) from 3 points of view: strategic, tactical, and cultural….

Contents: Critical Success Factors in ERP Implementation

1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problems on discussion
1.3 Purpose
2 Method
2.1 Research Approach
2.2 Our research approach
2.3 Information gathering Techniques
2.3.1 Theoretical study
2.3.2 Empirical study Selection of respondents Interview procedure
2.3.3 Presentation and analysis procedure of empirical findings
2.4 Method Critism
2.4.1 Degree of generalization
3 Theoretical framework
3.1 ERP
3.1.1 Definition of ERP
3.1.2 Evolution of ERP
3.1.3 Benefits of ERP
3.2 Success definition & measurement
3.3 Forming the critical success factors framework
3.3.1 CSFs definition
3.3.2 Our CSFs framework
3.4 Critical success factors in ERP implementation
3.4.1 Strategic factors in ERP implementation Top management support ERP strategy
3.4.2 Tactical factors in ERP implementation Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Project team & change management Retain the experienced employee Consultant and vendor support Monitoring and evaluation of performance Problems anticipation (troubleshooting, bugs, etc.)
3.4.3 Cultural factors in ERP implementation Organizational culture Effective communication Cultural diversity
4 Empirical findings
4.1 Perceived CSFs from companies
VSM Group
4.2 Perceived CSFs from consultants
□ Sogeti Sverige AB
□ SYSteam
4.3 Perceived CSFs from vendors
□ Oracle
5 Analysis
5.1 The rank of CSFs
5.2 The differences among customers, consultants & vendor
6 Conclusions
6.1 Recommendations…

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