CSR – here to stay or a fad that will fade away?

The subject of CSR has to a large degree divided most of the Swedish business community because of the strong opinions in regards to this topic. The objective of this dissertation is to check out how the notion of CSR is perceived by Swedish corporations and what significance it yields. This is completed by comparing the views of 3 different groups: managers in Swedish small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and managers of Swedish large sized enterprises (LSE’s), accountable for CSR implementation, supplemented with the view of independent thinkers…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem Discussion
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Outline of the Thesis
2 Frame of Reference
2.1 Disposition of Frame of Reference
2.2 Contemporary History and the Driving Forces
2.3 What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
2.3.1 Four Kinds of Social Responsibilities
2.4 Stakeholder Management Approach
2.4.1 The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility
2.4.2 SME’s and CSR
2.4.3 Criticism
2.5 Shareholder Perspective
2.6 Different Expressions of CSR
2.6.1 Ideological Expressions of CSR
2.6.2 Commercial motives for CSR
2.7 Benefits of CSR
2.8 Obstacles related to CSR
2.9 Future
2.10 Summary of the Frame of Reference
3 Method
3.1 Research Approach
3.2 Data Collection
3.2.1 Interviews
3.2.2 Sample Selection and Interview Process
3.2.3 Obstacles
3.3 Trustworthiness
3.4 Analysis and interpretation
4 Empirical Findings
4.1 Concept of CSR
4.1.1 Ethically driven SME’s
4.1.2 LSE’s
4.1.3 Independent thinkers
4.2 Stakeholder relationships
4.2.1 Ethically driven SME’s
4.2.2 LSE’s
4.2.3 Independent thinkers
4.3 Development and motives for CSR
4.3.1 SME’s
4.3.2 LSE’s
4.3.3 Independent thinkers
4.4 Advantages and disadvantages of working with CSR
4.4.1 Ethically driven SME’s
4.4.2 LSE’s
4.4.3 Independent thinkers
4.5 Future development of CSR in Sweden
4.5.1 Ethically driven SME’s
4.5.2 LSE’s
4.5.3 Independent thinkers
5 Analysis and Interpretations
5.1 Concept of CSR
5.2 Stakeholder relationships
5.3 Development and motives for CSR
5.3.1 Development
5.3.2 Motives for CSR
5.4 Advantages and disadvantages working with CSR

Source: Jönköping University

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