Learning and Skills in the Knowledge Economy

Knowledge and learning are widely thought to be defining options that come with the current economy. They’re a focus of intense interest amongst policy makers in addition to academics. Essential recent attempts have already been made to try and elucidate the interactions between your different types of knowledge: particularly codified knowledge (mainly know-what and know-why) and tacit knowledge (know-how and know-who). This report extends this method by arguing that the important thing vectors of innovation and growth lie in the dynamic interactions between codified and tacit knowledge. This basic insight reinforces the concept that effective learning happens through a mix of experiential learning (mainly tacit) and formal learning (mainly codified), which places a sizable question mark over current systems of education and training which still often split up these phases of learning…

Contents: Learning and Skills in the Knowledge Economy

1 Introduction
2 The knowledge economy
3 Making knowledge pay-off
3.1 The triangle of learning
3.2 Codifing experience: towards the learning organisation
4 Conclusions: institutional and practical challenges

Source: Copenhagen Business School

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