Gatekeepers in Regional Networks of Innovators

Strong connection of innovative actors within a local network is often thought to increase the region-specific knowledge-stock, resulting in a comparative advantage. Nevertheless, it might also result in a lock-in scenario, if local trajectories are directed towards inferior solutions. Accordingly, it’s debated that successful clusters are characterized by the presence of gatekeepers, i.e. actors which …

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Knowledge transfer and learning: A case study conducted in Company X in UK

Project management has become a natural way of conducting activities in companies. The aim is continuous improvement in project performance. The way knowledge is managed in the company is crucial for gaining competitive advantage. Knowledge management and learning, has been recognized by academics and practitioners as important to achieving success and improvement in projects.

Learning and Skills in the Knowledge Economy

Knowledge and learning are widely thought to be defining options that come with the current economy. They’re a focus of intense interest amongst policy makers in addition to academics. Essential recent attempts have already been made to try and elucidate the interactions between your different types of knowledge: particularly codified knowledge (mainly know-what and know-why) …

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