First Impression Lasts: The First Meeting

When companies are conducting business you should meet up with the customer’s expectations. It is in the initial impression (the very first time the parties meet in a sales encounter) that the vendor fails to get this done, sometimes resulting in the potential customer dropping the entire considered a company deal with no further relationship is set up. The initial impression comes from the very first image and understanding a seller creates in a possible client: here the latter gets a short insight to the former’s organization, credibility and over all quality. Each encounter or meeting is a chance to achieve trust and develop a relationship, but additionally offers the threat of reducing credibility and losing all likelihood of a relationship. The objective of this thesis would be to describe and analyse the significance of the very first impression when designing and creating a business to business model and also to describe the facets which influence this method….


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem Discussion
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Delimitations
1.5 Thesis outline
2 Theoretical Framework
2.1 First impression
2.1.1 The Relationship Creation
2.1.2 Communication Process
2.2 Categorization Process
2.2.1 Attitude and knowledge
2.2.2 Q1 – Q4 Personality Types
2.2.3 Andersson, Svensson and Hansson
2.3 The First Meeting
2.3.1 Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
2.3.2 Gender and Stereotypical Behaviour
2.3.3 Cultural differences
2.3.4 Time
2.3.5 Is failure always a failure?
2.4 Summary
2.5 Research Questions
3 Methodology
3.1 Research Approach
3.1.1 Ontology
3.1.2 Research Perspectives
3.1.3 Qualitative Method
3.2 The Study
3.2.1 The Pre-Study
3.2.2 Case Study
3.2.3 The Respondents
3.2.4 Interview Guide
3.2.5 The Interviews
3.2.6 Data and Analysis of Data
3.3 Methodology Criticism
3.3.1 Validity
3.3.2 Limitations with the study
4 Empirical findings
4.1 Respondents
4.2 First Impression
4.3 Categorization Process
4.4 The First Meeting
5 Analysis
5.1 First impression
5.2 Categorisation Process…

Source: Jönköping University

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