Similarities between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

There are 2 approaches in employee management. They are the Human Resource Management (HRM) and Personnel Management. Despite the fact that both these approaches seem different, they do have some similarities also.

1. Both models focus on the significance of integrating personnel/HRM techniques with organizational objectives.

2. Both models vest Personnel/ HRM strongly in line management. The personnel function provides the needed advice and support services to enable managers to handle their responsibilities.

3. Both emphasise the significance of individuals in fully developing their competencies for their personal satisfaction to make their best contribution to organisational success.

4. Both models recognize pacing the perfect individuals into the right jobs as a critical way of integrating personnel/HRM practice with organisational goals.

5. Personnel management strategies, like HRM strategies, flow from the business strategy.

6. The same type of selection, performance management, competence analysis, training management development and reward management methods are utilized in both HRM and Personnel Management.

7. Both human resource management and personnel management typically use payroll software packages and monitor employees’ time worked.

8. Both approaches are meant to resolve employee’s problems. Whenever a staff member has a problem which requires attention, the HRM/Personnel Management are there to interfere and solve the problem.

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